Children Playing Outside

Ofsted Report

The Brambles Nursery was rated GOOD by Ofsted in February 2015.

Here are the key findings:

  • Children are confident and secure in the nursery because they develop strong bonds and relationships with their key person. Positive partnership with parents further supports the strong bonds and promotes children’s learning needs well.
  • Staff  know their key children very well. They plan and provide targeted experiences and activities to promote children’s learning and development, especially in their personal and social development.
  • The staff’s interest and involvement in activities encourages children’s participation, and helps maintain their interest.
  • Staff make very good use of daily routines to reinforce and encourage all children’s skills.
  • Staff are responsive to children’s needs and put training to good use so they focus more on children’s needs. The management team review and adapt the provision to meet children’s changing needs through effective self-evaluation. This results in children feeling safe and secure as they progress through the provision.
  • Effective links with the local school support children’s smooth transitions into school.

In addition Ofsted recommended that the Nursery make improvements to the outside area to further challenge the older children. Since receiving the report we have added additional equipment outside, providing opportunities for children to move over a variety of levels and to explore different obstacles.

Parents can obtain a copy of the full report from the Ofsted website.