Spring Newsletter

Posted on: 14th January 2016

Welcome back from the Christmas and New Year holidays – we hope everybody had a great time and lots of lovely presents.


This term we will be looking at a different colour each week and we will have a colour table to which the children will be encouraged to add objects. If they would like to bring in something from home please ensure it is named.

Week 1 – blue Week 2 – green
Week 3 – yellow Week 4 – red
Week 5 – orange Week 6 – white
Week 7 – black Week 8 – gold and silver
Week 9 – purple Week 10 – brown

Dates for the Spring Term

04.01.16 – 12.02.16 1st half term
15.02.16 – 19.02.16 Half term and holiday club
22.02.16 – 24.02.16 2nd half term
25.03.16 – 28.03.16 Easter weekend
29.03.16 – 08.04.16 Easter holidays and holiday club

Egg hunt with the Easter Bunny – 17.03.16


Holiday forms are available. Please ask a member of staff if you require one.

  • If your child will be attending the egg hunt you will need to fill out a form so that an Easter Egg is hidden for your child to find – these forms are available from a member of staff.
  • Half term forms will need to be in by Friday 29th January and Easter holiday forms by Monday 29th February. We regret to say that Brambles will only open if there are enough children to make it viable each day.

Funded Children Only

Funding this term is for 10 weeks and the term is 10 weeks and 4 days which means the 4 days 21.0316 – 24.03.16 will be unfunded. If parents require nursery during these days a holiday form must be completed. These are available from a member of staff.

Duck Race

Due to Easter being early we will hold our duck race on Sunday 15th May. Duck