A Typical Day – Fieldmice Room

A typical morning @ The Brambles – Field mice Room

9.00-9.15 Registration time – this encourages the children to sing and sign our “good morning” song and find their names to self-register.

9.15-10.00 Café opens – we have a two week rolling menu which is reviewed termly.

  • Our snacks are healthy and include options such as: breadstick and humus, red pepper with cucumber, cracker and dip, toast and marmite, Greek yoghurt and fruit, oatcakes and cheese.
  • There is always a selection of 2 fruits on offer and these also differ each morning and afternoon as well as each day.
  • We offer only milk and water to drink unless it is a special occasion such as our Christmas party.
  • The children are encouraged to firstly wash their hands, self-register and then help themselves to a plate and cup before sitting at the table.
  • The children pour their drinks independently, select a given number of pieces of fruit and crackers and are encouraged to spread their own topping. Once finished they empty their plates and place them and their cups into the sink to wash.

This activity provides opportunities for the children’s self-confidence and self-esteem to develop as well as helping to develop their independence and social skills.

9.15-10.30 Free flow
The activities the children could access during this time include the mud kitchen, poly tunnel, water play, woodwork table, sand tray, construction, chalking, painting, the art table, role play corner, story corner, dressing-up corner, puzzles and games as well as the outside area where similar activities to inside are available.

10.30-10.40 Tidy away time

10.40-11.00 Story time

11.00-11.50 Adult led activity which might include:
Messy play (including gloop, jelly, and shaving foam), circle games, musical instruments, cooking, parachute play, assorted masks for singing pre-maths songs, fun fit, treasure hunts, skittles and obstacle courses.

11.50-12.00 Singing and signing with rhymes


The afternoon activities follow a similar pattern of choices

Each Thursday, our staff member, Alice, takes small groups out into the gardens to learn and experience how to grow and care for  vegetables and plants.


Hot lunches are provided from the kitchen of Cape Cornwall School and served in the nursery at 12.00pm daily. The cost for a hot meal is £1.40 and £1.90 with a pudding.

A selection of meals including: cottage pie, pasta bake, spaghetti bolognese, lasagne, chicken pie, sweet and sour, chicken curry, stew, sausage hot pot, quiche, and sausage and mash.

The option of a vegetarian meal or a jacket potato is available every day.  A roast is always served on a Wednesday and on Friday there are chips with sausage, fish fingers or chicken nuggets.