Spring Term 2020 Newsletter

Posted on: 24th January 2020

Welcome back to the new term! We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year!

Term dates:

6th Jan – 14th Feb: 1st half of Spring Term

17th – 21st Feb: Half Term

24th Feb – 27th March: 2nd half of Spring Term

30th March – 9th April: (Good Friday and Easter Monday)

14th April start of Summer Term


Children who receive funding from the government as 2,3 or 4 year olds are funded for 38 weeks a year.

There are 39 weeks in a school term, therefore the week beginning 20th July, 2020, will be unfunded. If your child has banked hours these can be used during this week.  If your child has no banked hours you will be charged for any hours attended during this week.


The Brambles Nursery is managed by a board of trustees who meet approximately 6 times a year. They are looking for 1 or 2 parents who may be interested in joining as a new parent trustee. Please see Debbie if you would like more details.

Holiday Club:

February 17th – 21st and March 30th – 13th April

Parents please remember if you require a place during holiday club you need to complete a form.  These are available form both the Dormouse and Field Mouse rooms.  Please ask a member of staff for a form.

Topic: Field mouse room

This term we are looking at “ourselves”

week 1:  Look at me

week 2: When I was a baby – please could all the children bring in a picture of themselves as a baby.

week 3:  My body – the will be looking at taking care of their bodies and being healthy.

week 4: Food – they will be looking at and tasting foods from different countries.

week 5:  I can see.

week 6: I can hear and touch

If there are any parents who would like to come in and speak to the children around any of these topics, please see Debbie or Ali.

Cooperative Community Fund:

The Brambles have been selected as one of the charities to benefit from this fund at pour local Co-op.  If you are a member of the Co-op we would be very grateful if you chose us the charity of your choice for this year.

Dormouse Room:

This term the children will be exploring different smells and textures. If you have any unusual textured items at home that you would be willing to bring in please see Louise.


Posted on: 13th September 2019

Welcome back from the summer holidays – we hope everyone had a good time!

Autumn Term dates:

09.09.19 – 20.12.19
21.10.19-25.10.19 half-term
04.11.19 Feast – WE ARE CLOSED
23.12.19 – 03.01.19 Christmas holiday

Holiday club:

All holiday club dates for the term will now be on one form. Please find attached your form for this term. They need to be returned by Monday 30th September 2019.

Autumn Term topic Field mouse room OUT and ABOUT (Sept-Oct)

Week 1 – settling in
Week 2 – Handa’s surprise
Week 3 – fruit & vegetables
We will be looking at and tasting as well as using them in the role play area.
Week 4 – harvest
Week 5 –country walk (morning)
During the country walk (08.10.19) we will require adult helpers. If any parents can help – please see Ali.
Week 6 – country walk follow up


Key workers:

Due to the change in staff hours, children moving rooms and altering hours your child/ren key worker may have changed. New key worker letters are attached if applicable.


Hot lunches are £1.40 a day and with a dessert £1.90.
These are orderable on the day and the weekly menu is posted on the Brambles Facebook page every Friday (where possible).
From September 2019 lunches need to be paid weekly or daily. If lunches are not paid on time we will be unable to continue ordering hot meals for your child.


These sessions take place on a Wednesday morning, at the sports hall with a qualified teacher and ALL children are involved.
The pre-school children have an hour long session from 10.30-11.30 am and we ask for a £1.50 contribution towards each session your child attends. If your child does not attend Brambles on a Wednesday they are still able to take part and can be dropped to us at the sports hall.
All other children attend a half-hour session from 10-10.30 am and we ask for a £1 contribution towards each session your child attends.


Please ensure ALL children have spare clothes in a bag on their peg – including pants and socks. Can any borrowed Brambles clothes be returned as our cupboards are empty!


Due to the popularity of our ‘Grandparents Café’ we will be holding another café afternoon during the Autumn Term.
Thursday 10th October from 1.30-3.00 pm.
Family and friends are all welcome.


Posted on: 11th June 2019


03.06.19 – 19.07.19 – 2nd half of term
22.07.19 – 16.08.19 summer HOLIDAY CLUB
Due to the way funding works – the week beginning 02.09.19 will be an unfunded week. Please complete a holiday form if you require childcare. They are available and need to be returned by 28.06.19.


If your child has turned 3 this term you may be entitled to 30 hours/week. All children are entitled to 15 free hours after their 3rd birthday but if parents are both working a minimum of 16hrs each/week they are able to apply for the additional 15.
Please go to www.supportincornwall.org.uk/childcare
Please apply before 26.07.19.


This will be @ 10.00 am on Tuesday 23rd July on Cape schools bottom field. There will be a raffle, refreshments, BBQ and ice-creams available afterwards.
If your child is participating please fill out a medal form as medals are only ordered for those attending.
If you would like to pre-order burgers please fill out a form. These forms are available at the door and need to be returned by Friday 5th July.


Please be aware that if you arrive before the time your child is booked in you will be asked to stay to ensure ratios are in place. Staff rotas are completed according to the times children are booked in from.
If you are going to be late collecting your child please phone the nursery to ensure staff can make provision as a member/s may have to stay to ensure ratios.


Week 1 – trains Week 2 – travel agents
Week 3 – our holidays Week 4 – beach cafe
Week 5 – sunny days Week 6 – @the beach
Week 7 – sports day
If you have any resources to facilitate these topics they would be gratefully received ie. Old postcards, pictures, brochures, plane/train tickets etc


Lafrowda is on Saturday 20th July and we will be walking in the 12 o’ clock procession. We will meet at the Nancherrow centre at 11.50 am. The theme is ‘Off the page’ and we are going to be characters from ‘Winnie the Pooh’.
Please let Debbie know if you have a costume representing one of the characters. There will be one representation of each character and everyone else will be dressed as bees.


If anyone has any old guttering they would like to donate the children would be very grateful. Please see Louise if you are able to help. Can all children please bring spare clothes for water play – thank you.


Please can all parents provide a named packet of wet-wipes, sun-cream and sun hat for their child/ren. During the warm weather please can children avoid wearing strappy dresses and bring spare clothes as there will be lots of water play!

SUMMER TERM – 1st half

Posted on: 9th June 2019


23.04.19 – 24.05.19 – 1st half of term
06.05.19 bank holiday – CLOSED
27.05.19 bank holiday – CLOSED
28.05.19 – 31.05.19 – half term HOLIDAY CLUB
03.06.19 – 19.07.19 – 2nd half of term
22.07.19 – 16.08.19 summer HOLIDAY CLUB


We are sorry to say this is Maria’s last week and she will be leaving us after 8 years to begin a new career within the NHS. We all wish her the best and will hopefully she will pop in sometime!



Holiday forms will be available at the end of the week.
Forms for half term holiday club need to be back by 17.05.19
Forms for summer club need to be back by 21.06.19


Thank you to everyone who attended and supported our annual duck race on Sunday.
We raised £406.00 which will go towards the outside area.
Thank you to everyone who made cakes – they went down a treat!


Themes for the field mouse room: 1st half of term

Week 1 – animals
Week 2 – insects
Week 3 – birds
Week 4 – seeds
Week 5 – fruit and veg


This will provisionally be Tuesday 23rd July @ 10.00 am. This date is to be confirmed.
There will be a raffle and a BBQ on the day along with teas and coffees.


Our garden areas are being renovated and the back garden is in the process of having an outdoor shelter and new slide constructed. This has been funded from the monies we were lucky to receive from the CO-OP community fund.
Thank you to everyone who chose The Brambles as their charity.


Please can all parents provide a named packet of wet-wipes, sun-cream and sun hat for their child/ren. When we have really warm weather please can children avoid wearing strappy dresses to avoid sun burn


Posted on: 12th March 2019

Term Dates:

25.02.19 – 05.04.19 – term time

08.04.19 – 18.04.19 – Easter holiday club

19.04.19 – 22.04.19 CLOSED

23.04.19 – Start of Summer term

Holiday Forms:

Easter holiday club forms are now available at the door. Please ask a member of staff.


This term we are looking at machines which will include; Chinese New Year, Bob the Builder, Robots, Machines in the home and on the road, Space and in the last week of term, Easter.  If parents have any resources which will meet these topics please see Ali.

Image result for robots

Duck Race:

Our annual duck race will be held on Sunday, 28th April @ 11:00 am in Kenidjack Valley.  There will be refreshments and a BBQ available.  The ducks are £1 each and we would be very appreciative if you could sell the attached sheet to family and friends.  If you require more please ask a member of staff.  The ducks are put into races of 20 with the winner of each race going into a final. The first 3 ducks from the final race will win a prize!

Book Tokens:

Please find attached a world book token which can be redeemed at W H Smiths or a participating  book store for a free World Book Day book or against a full priced one.  Your voucher can also be used to purchase a book from the Usborne Book Company in conjunction with our ‘sponsored listen’ week.  If you would like to look through the full catalogue please see Louise who also has order forms.

Image result for world book daySee the source image


There will be several events for the children starting school in September to attend. Dates are still to be confirmed but the first will be an egg hunt at the Primary School later this month.  There will hopefully be some woodland learning during the first half of the summer term and ‘stay and learn’ sessions at the school during the afternoons in the second half of the term.


Please could ALL children have a labelled bottle of sun-cream and sun hat for nursery – as the sun is beginning to make an appearance.

Now we are using the mud kitchen and water trays EVERYONE will require spare clothes.

Could parents please return any of Brambles clothes as our cupboards are bare!  😯




Posted on: 22nd January 2019

Welcome back to the new term!  We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year.

Term dates:

7th January – 15th February: 1st half of Spring Term

18th – 22nd February: Half Term

25th February – 5th April: 2nd half of Spring Term

CLOSED 19th and 22nd April

23rd April : start of Summer Term


February 18th – 22nd  AND April 8th – 18th

Parents please remember if you require a place during holiday club that you need to complete a form.  These are available from both the Door-mouse and Field-mouse rooms.  Please ask a member of staff for a form.

Autumn Term 2018

Posted on: 19th September 2018

Welcome back everyone from the summer holidays and we would like to give a warm welcome to our new children who have joined either as The Dormice or The Fieldmice rooms.


Zumba begins Wednesday 12th October at 10:30-11:30am in the Sports Hall.  This is for the pre-school children and we ask for a contribution of £1.50 towards the hire of the hall and the session itself.  If your child does not normally attend on a Wednesday but would like to join us please bring them along to join us.


Dormice Staff : Maria, Louise, Caroline, Alice and Gaby

Fieldmice Staff : Debbie, Rachel, Alison, Katie Emily and Lucy

In August two of our staff had their babies:

Laura had a little girl – Lamorna 6lb 2oz and Cheryl had a little boy – Mason 7lb 7oz

Key workers may have been changed, therefore letters will be out shortly to update parents and clarify their role for new parents.


This term is ‘All around us’ and we will be looking at our homes, our playroom, Harvest time and going for a walk and even on a bear hunt!

Could parents kindly bring in or send in an email a picture of the front of the children’s homes and the number/name of the house from the 17th September

We are planning a walk on Tuesday, 25th September.

Inviting a gardener in, in the week beginning 1st October.


3rd September – 20th December

Half Term: 22nd – 26th October (holiday club forms to be returned by 28:09:18)

Feast: 5th November (Nursery closed)

Christmas Holiday: 21st December – 4th January

21st December and 2nd-4th Jan shall be Holiday Club

If you require holiday club through the Christmas Holidays please ensure forms are in by 21:09:18,  to allow parents to find alternative childcare should The Brambles not open due to insufficient number of children requiring childcare.


New parents please be aware we have a CLOSED Brambles Facebook page, where news updates are posted, alongside reminders for events. Please send a friend request to join.


Lunches need to be paid for on a daily/weekly basis and separate from fees and snacks. This is because the school invoices Brambles weekly and requires payment on a Friday.


Due to the growing amount of young children who have prams and use the Dormice Room, we are finding the cloakroom is becoming congested and blocking the fire exit for the cots from the sleep room (double doors in the cloakroom).  Please can parents leave their prams on the veranda whilst the weather is dry.  Once the winter arrives prams can be folded up and placed in the staff room – when it is not in use by Family Services – or in the cloakroom avoiding the double doors.


2nd Half Spring Term, 2018

Posted on: 14th March 2018

Duck Race:

We will be holding our annual duck race at the end of April/Early May, once the weather will be hopefully be warmer!  We will be sending out tickets shortly which we would be grateful if you could sell to friends and family.

There will again be refreshments and a BBQ available and we hope for donations of cakes on the day.

Donations: A BIG THANK YOU!

The organizers of the Yuletide Fair gave us a cheque for £400 this term.  This will go towards building a shelter in the back garden to be used all year round as an outdoor classroom.

The Co-op is sending us our first instalment of 4. The amount is for £266.77 and we would like to say a big thank-you to all the members who linked their cards to The Brambles.

DATES: Spring 2018

Last day of term: 29th March

CLOSED: 30th March and 2nd April

Easter Holiday Club: 3rd-13th April

Summer term starts 16th April

Please complete a holiday form if your child/ren require holiday club.


This will take place on Tuesday 27th March at 10:00am

If your child will be participating please fill out a form confirming this. Eggs will only be left by the easter Bunny for the children who have confirmed.

There will be a coffee morning at Brambles and donations of cakes will be gratefully received.


Thank you all for your support last week when The Brambles closed due to the snow and the quickness all the children were collected and thus able to make it home.

From the pictures posted on our Facebook page, everyone had a fantastic time and a scrapbook of these will soon be on display for the children to look back on!


Posted on: 7th July 2017


Will be held on 25th July @ 10am, on the bottom school field.  There will be refreshments and a BBQ afterwards – please see a member of staff for a form if you require food from the BBQ.  Due to the number of children on role, medals will only be ordered for those children who are going to be attending.  Forms are available – please see a member of staff.


Parents evening is on Thursday, 13th July, between 7 – 8:30pm. This is a great opportunity for you to be able to look at your child’s learning journey, speak to their Key Person and ask any questions you may have – please make an appointment with them.  We understand childcare can be a problem but feel this time is for you as parents.


The last day of the summer term is Friday, 28th July so holiday forms are now available – they need to be returned by Friday, 14th July.  Holiday club dates are Monday, 31st July – Friday 18th August. We are then closed from Monday,21st August until Friday 1st September, reopening on Monday, 4th September.


Due to the warm weather we are experiencing the children have been engaging in LOTS of water play. Please could all children have a named sunhat, sun cream and spare clothes in a bag on their peg.


The pre-school children have 3 more dates at Cape school. The next science lesson is Thursday, 6th July at 10-11am, History – 11th July at 1pm and P.E. on Monday, 17th July at 9:30am.  If your child does not normally attend during these time please bring them in as the children from previous years have thoroughly enjoyed these experiences.


The first procession is on Saturday, 15th July at 12 noon. We will meet at the Nancherrow Centre @ 11:50am, in costume, and our space will be marked out on the road although Brambles staff will be in place with the boat and banner. All parents walking will need to be in costume and our theme is ‘Where the wild things are’. All children in the ‘baby room’ will need to be accompanied by an adult in costume. We suggest a onesie with a mask or face paint. There will be a workshop on Saturday 8th july at 10am until 12 noon for anyone wishing to make a mask.


All photo orders need to be returned by Monday, 3rd July.


Posted on: 18th May 2017

Welcome back to the start of the first half of the summer term

Term dates:

18th April – 26th May

1st May – Bank holiday

29th May – 2nd June (half term holiday club)

5th June – 28th July

31st July – 18th August (summer club)

21st August – 1st September  – CLOSED

4th September – new term starts.


From September fees will be rising to £4.00/hour

30 hours entitlement:

Please visit www.childcare-support.taxservice.gov.uk to look at the new scheme for children for childcare vouchers.

To check your eligibility for the new 30 hours entitlement and to enrol please visit www.childcarechoices.gov.uk or www.gov.uk/childcare-calculator

To receive the 30 hours you will need to complete the online forms through the digital childcare service.


Funded hours can only be banked on a regular basis. If you claim 12 hours/week, book in 10/week and bank 2/week for the holidays this is fine.  If your child is on holiday, ill or decides not to come in for their regular booked days; these hours cannot be banked.  If they are ill we could try to accommodate them on an alternative day.


There are still outstanding payments for Zumba, please see a member of staff for amounts owing.

Co-op funding:

We have received £1,511.35 from the co-op and would like to thank all parents who nominated Brambles for their share of the community fund.  we are hoping to use the money to purchase a portable, interactive white board for all the children to use.

Duck Race:

Reminder our duck race is on the 7th May starting at 11.00am. There will be a BBQ and refreshments.

Please can duck tickets be returned by Friday, 5th May for the races to be drawn beforehand. There will be an opportunity to purchase tickets on the day.  Sheets of tickets are still available from Brambles.


Now summer is here and the sun is out all children will need a NAMED sun hat and sun cream. Brambles have their own Nivea sun-cream which will be put on the children should they not have their own. Please sign the form, giving permission for staff to apply sun-cream to your child. Spare clothes are also required as there will be lots of water-play this term! (we are missing ALL of our socks from our spare clothing and many items of clothing are yet to be returned).


This year we are going to be characters from the story ‘Where The Wild Things Are’!

Please can parents dress their child accordingly but if you need help or inspiration please see a member of staff.