Ofsted Report

The Brambles Nursery was rated GOOD by Ofsted in June, 2017.

Here are the key findings:

  • Staff know the children well and develop warm, caring relationships with them.
  • Key persons are knowledgeable about their children’s next steps, and provide and develop activities to support progress well. The high priority staff give to teaching mathematics, literacy and social skills ensures that all children make strong progress from their starting points.
  • The manager carefully monitors the accuracy of children’s progress records. She and the staff identify any children who need additional support. This has led them to provide more activities to support children’s social skills, so enabling these children to catch up with their friends in readiness for school.
  • Partnerships with other professionals are well established and staff work well with them to support children and their families.
  • The manager works well to involve the staff to evaluate the quality of the provision. They identify areas for development and work towards these improvements to provide positive outcomes for children.
  • Effective links with the local schools enable staff to support and prepare children well for their future learning experiences.

In addition Ofsted recommended that the Nursery increases opportunities to raise children’s awareness and knowledge of people and cultures beyond their own experience, also to build on partnerships with parents to increase parental involvement in children’s learning.  Since receiving the report, a member of staff has attended additional language training then delivered the course contents back to the settings staff, as  a child attended nursery who’s main language is Mandarin. The child’s mother came to read stories to small groups and help with signage to demonstrate writing in the settings displays. Other parents came to demonstrate making sushi, involving all the children. We celebrate a diversity of cultures throughout the year, providing stimulating activities where the children learn through their play, documenting events in a journal for all to read.



Parents can obtain a copy of the full report from the Ofsted website.